3/31 fitzroy street
st kilda victoria 3182
felicity: 0406 422 730

Who's Your Girl is at your service…

She can cook; whip up a decadent sponge, cup cakes with a difference or canapés for a 100 of your “closest” friends
She can make a great coffee; fancy a cafe latte or Husk Tea for morning tea, she’ll bring the machine to you!
She can drink;
she makes a mean cocktail, she’s even been known to mow the lawn in heels under moonlight while holding a martini. Didn’t spill a drop of course!
She can shop; shopping secrets, online & the old fashioned way, looking for corporate treats or the most amazing centerpiece, she’ll find it!
She can tell you what to do; need a “can do” kind of girl for your Event or Fashion Festival, put her number in your Blackberry, so she’s always at hand.

I can guarantee her personal touch from the initial concept to seamless delivery of an exciting experience.

Contact me for your special event
so we can put the girl to work!
Miss Fliss xxx


management, food, lattes, gorgeous things…….